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Hi all, just reporting in on day 2, still being good and staying positive.

Had a few intense cravings this morning so I went to the gym and it helped a lot, feeling fine now.

Going on a cruise to the Caribbean in March, so I want to be smoke free and fit and the money I save from not smoking will come in handy on the cruise.

So that and wanting to feel fit and well is my intensive to quit.

Hope everyone is ok.

Joanie X

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Ohhhhhh Joan I am so pleased to see you back:D

So glad you have decided to try again. All the very best of luck this time - you can do it and it's sooooo worth it xxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you Magillze

It really is good to be back, this is the first place I turn to for help and support, so many good people.

Love Joanie


keep up the good work you can do it


Ten months, three weeks, one day, 16 hours, 42 minutes and 6 seconds. 19661 cigarettes not smoked, saving $11,207.20. Life saved: 9 weeks, 5 days, 6 hours, 25 minutes.


Good to see you giving it another go, Joannie. You are not the only one not to have cracked it on the first attempt, but I so hope that this is your time.

Stay strong, and stay on here - it really helped me in those early days!



Lovely to meet you Joan

I wish you the greatest of luck in your quit.

Just imagine yourself on the cruise, not having to pop out all the time, that will be great.

Just think how much more of that fantastic food and drink you can enjoy while staying inside! hehe!

In fact, any chance of you bringing a doggy bag back? :)

Take care



Day 2 congratulations

Hi Joan

congratulations on getting to day 2. Good you've found a way to deal with the cravings - exercise works for me too.

All the best, Nonico


Day 2

Hey Joan

Congrats for your second day although you are probably so much further.

It's the morning of my Day 2 and Day 1 wasn't that great but I made it, now I just have to keep up my spirits and get through this day.

Not going to feed the little monster - he can starve.



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