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I am plagued by slugs, crawling out of my lungs and up my throat. Yuck. That said my lungs seem bigger somehow, or maybe a lot less congested, so i'm pleased about that.

I was wondering about all the toxins etc that get lodged in the lungs. Once the lungs start to clear all the mucus and toxins the stuff ends up in the stomach and digestive system - where it presumably gets digested. Do you think there would be enough bad stuff to make you feel ill?

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slugs are gross

I had the same thoughts! It can make you sick but I think you would have to swallow a huge amount for it to happen!

It should get better about week 8, so not too long to go!

Karri - "slugs" are mucus and other sludge stuck in the lungs


I have them too. Absolutely ghastly, but I'm sure that the swallowed ones pass harmlessly through. I keep cleaning my teeth, but I'm going to buy some powerful mouthwash to help them all along.

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