No Smoking Day
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the only thing for it...........a bath

Day 19

The days are not bad at all, I dont get cravings until after 7pm ish; but boy does the anger set in then!! I have given up NRT as I found that as hard to give up as the cigs themselves and dont want to prolong the agony.

so every night is a jog, then a bath and then bed early, it keeps me out of trouble!!

Thanks for listening.......and sharing!


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Almost 3 weeks, well done:) You must be affa bonnie with all that extra beauty sleep:)

Fi x


Well done Marie, jogging and early nights you will be looking great! All this and smoke free:)


Well done Marie,

Sounds like you are doing great, I am just of to the gym to battle my demons.



thanks guys

Thanks for all your wonderful support!! :D:D:D:D


Keep on running...

That sounds very healthy and good. Wish I liked jogging but I hate it. Will start swimming again when I shake off this chest infection.


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