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2 years !

Wow 2 years since I gave up. Time has passed so quickly and now I don't ever consider myself as an ex smoker I'm just another person who doesn't smoke. I feel brilliant my house doesn't smell, my clothes are clean and I have not been Ill for all this time.

Good luck to everyone else that has made it to this site cause it means you have stopped or are stopping. Keep with it because your worth it x

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Wow hello TTS

It has been a long time since we last spoke, hope you are ok.

Huge congrats on your 2 years, it seems to have flown by doesn't it?

*Here's to the next 2 years*


Hi TTS, great to read that you don't even consider yourself to be an ex-smoker, that's really inspiring. Well done on 2 years, terrific.


Nice to see you checking in tts - HUGE congratulations!


Another wonderful success story :) Well done to you. Any chance you can take me on this special holiday ?


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