day 18 suffering from patches

Hello all sufferers

Day 18 here ...doin good thanx to this site .....BUT..... have had to give up patches .....really bad rashes and felt sick a lot ...dont think i was a big smoker just a long time smoker. Can anyone tell me what 50grams of tobacco over 10 ten days equates to in terms of fags per day ????? cos i think i may have overdosed on the replacement therapy ....:(:(

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  • Hi Purdy. Before I quit I was smoking 75g every 7 days. I reckon this was 30 - 35 rollies a day. You were smoking about half that, so that would make it 15 - 17 rollies a day. That would be about one every hour - does that sound about right?

  • Hi Biggrin xx

    Yes thats about right ...but i never really smoked all of a rollup....In fact (dont tell anyone this:eek:) i could make quite a fags from the ashtray:(

  • I bet there are very few smokers who can make rollies and have never raided the ashtray for butts. Reminds me how disgusting the habit is, and humiliating too.

  • I must have smelt awful !!!

    Yep thats another thing about quitting ....dont have plan ahead re fag supplies...still have to get drink in tho... soz thats another site lol

  • Wave the patches around for about a minute before putting them on.

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