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Hi on day 5 now, does it get better, had my tab this morning with breakfast went outside for a cig and only smoked half of it, and put it out because i felt sick, but on the way home from work because my cigs were in my car i had one, which i didnt really want i only smoked half and through it. should i get rid of the cigs or have a packet for just i case... thanks Tres ..:)

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Hi Tres. I think you mean that you are on day 5 of champix. i HAVENOT USED IT FOR AGES SO CANT REMEMBER HOW IT WORKS, ALTHOUGH i THINK dAY 5 WOULD BE EARLY TO STOP. JUST FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO CUT DOWN MORE THAN YOU WANT BECAUSE SOMETIMES THAT MEANS YOU MAKE THE CIGS YOU SMOKE EVEN MORE SPECIAL. Sorry bad typing, someone using it will answer you soon, or you may find old posts on this subject. You are clearly very aware of your smoking and motivated to stop, and I think that helps- all of this wisdom coming at yer from the lofty heights of day 7. Best of luck to you.


Hi tres stay with it for time being, i carried on smoking then stopped at day 8, to be fair by then i was hardley smoking and couldnt smoke a whole 1 with out getting a headache or feeling sick, which helped me quit so keep them and go for your original quit date:)

good luck Sian xx



Know nothing about Champix, but wishing you all the very best in your quit.

Fi x


Hi Tres as I have said I think the Champix is doing its job but I think give it until day 8 and if you have any cigs left, get rid of them you wont need them:)


day 7

Tomorrow is the day, have throw all the fags out of the house appart from about 5 cigs, having no more lighters in the house no more ash trays. will let u know how i go? Thanks ...:D


Good luck tres :) you can do it xx


How did you get on? I am on day 5 today. I find myself lighting up and throwing away too. I plan to smoke till day fifteen, really sicken myself....... :lol:. Just wondering how you are getting along now?:)


I plan to smoke till day fifteen, really sicken myself....... :lol:. Just wondering how you are getting along now?:)

The only problem with that is, if I remember right, you really don't want to smoke the further into Champix you go. It gets harder to get through a full cig. I didn't feel sick when taking them, it just felt pointless most of the time so the gaps between smokes would get longer. You will likely only sicken yourself if you smoke more than you actually want to smoke on them.

Just go for it. Don't worry about sickening yourself with cigs. Many people have tried that before and did it stop them from going back? No. Focus on your reasons for quiting and make sure they stay at the fore of all your thoughts.

Good luck.


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