Help....just fell off wagon after 8 months!!

Just joined the forum because 8 months in and its all going wrong. I quit 27 Feb 2012. Thought I was going good, six months in was thinking about them less and less. The about 4 weeks ago was like week one all over again. I feel like killing someone and keep trying to talk myself back into smoking again. Then today I cracked and had one. Don't know if I am strong enough to carry on.


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  • CarrieShannon honey, please what ever you do DONOT feel guilty, just carry and dont have one.... Listen my sister quit after 3 months and had a half one and then nothing for another 1 year, then had one on a night out and it did not agree with her and that was 1 year ago!! sometimes you may have it just dont carry on with it!!

    but, saying that if you end up smoking again then build yourself up pick another date and start again.

    Please dont beat yourself up it could happen to the best of us.



  • aww Thanks Derek, you are so sweet. I really thought I had it cracked by this stage and wasn't prepared for such strong feelings at this stage of the game. Will keep on going though.....don't want those 8 months of pain to be for nothing. Sometimes its hard to stay optimistic esp when stressed out!!!!

  • I can imagaine and remember darling, you do not go back to day one just because you had a fag like some people on here will insist lol..... now you had a fag forget it, go back to whatever your doing and move on.... you more than likely will get another pang soon just brush it off force your brain not to think about it!!

    we all know smoking is bad for us and has an awful addiction ect but, lets not get to carried away that one fag, its not going to kill you and should not be enough to ruin the last 8 months, it will only do that if you want it too. Some people get to involved and help with the guilt element.

    Your doing grand love, just think 1 fag in 8 months is amazing :-)


  • I agree with Derek. One cig in 8 months isn't a crime. The deed is done and all you have to do is carry on. Don't feel guilty. Celebrate all the cigs you didn't smoke and carry on with your quit. Only 4 months to the penthouse. Think how good that will feel.:D

  • I also agree with Derek, 1 fag in 8 months is amazing so no you are still at 8mths and put this 1 fag down to experience and move on hunni you can do it, its gotta be better than where i am still struggling with early days craving, and if you went through this then u can forget about 1 fag :):) xx

  • Carrie, one fag needn't mean a total return to smoking. Just don't have another one ;)

  • Carrie

    No more sad faces, it was just the one. Now just like a little one that's fallen over, pick yourself up and toddle on.

    Fi x

  • Thanks!!!

    Thanks guys....really thought it was all over, but have dusted myself off and am carrying on. Haven't had another one and feeling much more upbeat today thanks to all the encouragement. Happy faces again!!!


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