No Smoking Day
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7 for a secret

Oh no, sleepless night, feel like wet sand today. Normally stay in and smoke when insomnia strikes. Today I think I will go for another long walk. The secret is my massive disappointment, I thought not smoking meant all my:cool: other rubbish would sort itself out. Im really too old for that kind of magical thinking. Initial euphoria may be wearing out. Oh well I was relentlessly cheerful for the first 6 days.

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Sorry to hear your feeling a bit down today. When you mention your other problems, it reminds me of mine! I really wish some fairy would come along and vanish them all for me. Failing that I suppose I will have to deal with them myself :(.

New problems will come along. The good thing about quitting smoking is that the problem is solved for good. There will always then be one less problem, however many you actually have! The thought of "one less problem" is a soothing thought at the moment.


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