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Scary time

Yesterday i had my first real crave but i don't know if it was for a cig or bordem kicking in,i dropped my wife off at sainsburys to do the shopping as our daughter was fast asleep in the back,i was waiting and waiting and then it hit me like a train it wasn't plesent at all it was awful,it was like a train hitting me,i just had to have one it was weird but then i was thinking i'm stuck in a car and unable to do a thing so i took deep breathes and closed my eyes,i got through it,its my first(and hopefully my last)real craving for a cig or bordem who knows but it wasnt nice,today i am back to feeling great and confident again stay away horrible cigs...:)

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Boredom gets me too.But I wonder how that scenario would have played out for you before you quit? I'm guessing you would have got out of the car, hoping not to wake child as you shut the door, lit up worried about the weather, worried that you would see someone you knew, worried about leaving the butt on the floor worried that your wife would smell it and that there would be a row. Maybe you would have just enjoyed a quiet smoke, but I seem to remember so much more embarrassment and shame than moments of contemplative calm. We all need to learn how to just be. Well done for not caving, but after all you really aren't missing out are you? Not smoking is a new way of living, not a prison sentence to endure.:D


Well done dealing with that Steeza

Showed strength and determination :)

Keep it up

All the best



Hey Steeza, first of all well done in not caving in however, be very prepared for all different type of withdrawal. You more than likely will have that again, it still surprises me now almost 3 months in where it comes from but, on a lighter note, it does get less and less and less harsher!! but i still hear even after 2 years it can stil lcatch you of guard.

Key is, when it happens, breath, move away from situation to stop you thinking, example would be, next time in car, just step out and inhale deeply the fresh air. at home, office, walk away from desk or living room take sip of ice cold water or stand outside / back door. These little changes make a massive difference and soon will become normal you wont even know your doing it!

If you are bored you were bored even with a cig, if you think about it, your sat at home bored how does a 4 min fag releive that ? if had 20 thats 1hour 20 mins a day what do you do for the remaining hours your at home ?

just distract yourself for a few minutes it passes. and Remember its a craving your pang is and liek any other addicition it wil lget less.



Thanks everyone for your great support it did actually scare me yesterday realizing this drug i smoked for so many years has done this to me,i hate it so bad because of the effect it gave my mind yesterday so it makes me push it away even further now,i would rather have the withdrawal now than go back to that disgusting white stick that destroys life :):)


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