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ok so day 19 smoke free:D:D

but since having a crazy last couple of days, and the amazing cravings i had sat i went back to the lozengers 1mg which worked for me on a previous quit, (6mths that time smoke free then thought 1 fag wont hurt:eek: yeah right 2 yrs later and almost 40 a day later. yes it bloody did)

ok sorry rambling there, anyway so after sat i really didnt want to go back smoking so lozengers won, and yes only 2 but now after about 4pm im popping them like sweets??? but im going on the fact that hey may be addicted to the lozingers but at least im not smoking:rolleyes:

hopefully be able to come off them again in time but it really does help with the cravings im having and im much happier with them

good luck to everyone Sian xx

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Take your lozenges if it stops you reaching for a cig. Have a nice bath and early to bed! Bossy, Sorry:)

Fi x

Fi is right have the lozenges if they help, do whatever it takes to stay off the smokes. Read a good book that is what I did in the early days I found it really helped. Some people take up knitting anything to keep your mind occupied.

Already bathed and now in bed lol, feel really old and only 34 but it does help,

Thanks Fi xx

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