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Good evening all,

I hope this update finds you all in the pink of health!

Firstly apologies: although I am not a regular poster, this forum is my bedtime read every night!! I am encouraged, moved, saddened, humoured, flabbagasted, disheartened, heartened, surprised, shocked, guided, touched, and soo PROUD of all of you to be here, wherever 'here' may be for you, by that I mean whatever stage you maybe at... It doesn't matter, even if you're here sussing it all out, that's more than the smoker that hasn't yet had that Eureka moment!

Today, being Bonfire Night, there are definitely fireworks going off around me and in my head too... In celebration of it being the end of month 4 and the start of month 5!!!

So, by my calculations, that's one third of the year passed me by, 123 days conquered, 1846 less butts in the ashtray/ pavements, £750+ saved ALL without a hitch, glitch, blip or slip and I feel 'well gel'!!! Defo NOPE!!!

I do however still suffer from the PND (just to clarify I'm not referring to Post Natali Depression!!!) and now at the ripe old age of 37, I'm suffering from bursts of teenage skin!!! I have also put on a few pounds and although tbh I could afford too, I think I have reached my maximum due to me being vertically challenged!!! 5'2" to be precise - however, I am more voluptuous in places than before and I'm not going complain about that!!! I do have my good days and bad days in terms of energy levels! But can I walk a hell of a lot faster when the need calls for it? Like the other night, thinking I was being followed!!!

So, in end to this month's update from me... I hope you're all feeling the warmth of either a flaming bonfire or your central heating and not from the short-lived flame of a match or a lighter!

Stay safe and smoke free peeps, cos to me, you're all REAM when on here posting!!!

Mimi xx

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Well done Mimi, great post very positive and cockney slangy! A third of the year without smoking that is just great. Be proud!

I know what you mean about the forum, it has had me in stitches intears all sorts of emotions but mostly in awe of people who are so brave and supportive and kind, it is a life asaver this is.:)

Great bedtime reading!:)



Well done, sounds likes you're in a very good place. I know what you mean about the weight gain, I've put on a stone in just 8 weeks, but, we can and will address that.

Fi x


Thanks Haze! You're not doing too bad yourself!

Lol!!! I thought if Nicole Sherzinger or however you spell her surname, can talk like she's an Essex gal after getting vajjazzeled then so can I... Talk cockney that is, not the latter!! But Rylan or however his bloody name is spelt, well I'm surprised he hasn't managed to get me reaching for the cigs!!! OMG! He soo Not well gel... Shut Up!!!



Thank you Fi, well done you too with your quit, we're all winners on this show!!!

But, I think we'll have to start becoming losers together soon though, I'm referring to the weight loss of course!!😉


Could it be one of the same???

Fi... I forgot to say, my ex was a Mr S Cut too... But you're all the way in Scotland and I'm in London, surely, he can't get around that much and that easily or can he?!!! Even more of a reason why he should remain in the kerb that we kicked him too!😉


Big pants at top of drawers!!:(.

So, I've now started healthy eating plan, I'm also my dogs favourite at the moment as she's getting walked miles and miles every day. Weather here is frosty, but sunny, crunchy underfoot, beautiful for walking. Also enjoying swimming again and have the energy to do quite a few lengths without puffing in more ways than one!

Fi x



He really was a two timing sleezy git, I'm glad I kicked him out of my life. Gave him the boot 100's of times but always took him back. No more tho. He's no friend of mine now. What did we ever see in him!!

He he

Fi x


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