No Smoking Day
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I can't quite believe that its been 11 weeks since I stopped smoking that or I can't believe its only been 11 weeks and not going into week 13 as I thought lol. So no im not in month three yet coming to end of month two.

Well what can I say, the hard days are very rare now, since i got from holiday 9 days ago, not one craving or pang NOTHING! This weekend I have never felt so fresh, calm, clear headed, calm and be the person I was 11 weeks ago as a smoker!!!

I can't believe the change in my attitude that feeling 11 weeks ago of feeling lost, lonely, deprived has gone! it's lifted! I am stronger now that I have ever been.

I understand there will be odd days from now where it will hit me hard I am no fool but, the feeling I have had the last 9 days and defo this weekend will carry me for the rest of my life!

I have worked so hard maintaining my routine with a partner who smokes, still kept up the going out with colleagues who smoke, going out with friends, drinking my wine, I have changed absolute NOTHING, and now my hard work has paid off completely. I can be around smokers, the smell does not freak me out, it's like i have never smoked!! My mind has been trained with fortuitousness lol.

My partner has decided not to smoke in flat so he now goes down the stairs and out side and I have to say,that stopping has made the difference in terms of the flat smells lovely :-)

So now my life as a non smoker is taking shape, i feel, act and look like a non smoker. My skin, hair, teeth all sparkling, my outbursts well they will always be there ;-)

I have read through my previous posts and by god how far I have come!

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You're doing great Derek. I have to keep thinking how long I've been quit for. Sometimes I forget I ever smoked.


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