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Day 5 & Time To Fight The Bulge!!


So today is day 5 of CT, Does anyone feel heavier at this point. I mean, I know I've stuffed down quite a few Dorito's but I feel really bloated almost like I've stuffed my face constantly for 5 days!! So today at 4.00 precisely I'm heading back to they gym, given myself a week off as didn't want to be locked up for lamping someone getting on the rowing machine before me lol!! Hopefully this will help get rid of some angst!!

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Day six for me and not ready to face any weight issues. I weighed myself yesterday so that I could have a base line and know if I am gaining weight. I am already 3 stone overweight, so someone out there please remind me of that if I start blaming the quit for being fat in a few months time. On the whole feel so positive that I am sure I can become a slim and fragrant non smoker in time, and if not 2 out of 3 aint bad.

But well done to you, get those endorphins going.

Hi Halyee. At times I have been feeling bloated and hungry at the same time! That said, I don't think it is really hunger - ie hunger pangs - more a feeling of emptiness that needs filling........:(

I like the comment about the rowing machine.

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