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Im still here,end of day 3

Hi everyone,forgot to post yesterday,kept myself so busy and all went well,even went to a bonfire and had smokers all around me,tried hard not to breathe in there smoke,passive smoke still smells nice to me,anyhow i survived and wennt into day 3 today,did realy well,didnt even crave when 20 yr old daughter went out for a so called crafty one.Managed my meal n tea cravings,then bang huge row with my 20yr old,major trigger point the one that usualy sends me running back to the fags,n boy did i want to,struggled 4 about an hr,had countless mints and a long phonecall to me sis and i survived it,im so chuffed with myself,shame i cnt have the same will power when dealing with the daughter lol,one thing i have noticed is tho,im struggling to sleep at night,has anyone else suffered with this,sogreat last night not smoking watching others freeze with no gloves on just to roll n smoke a ciggy x

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Well done for avoiding the extreme 20yr old induced temptation! I am getting sleeping problems too. I wake up at 4am and then can't get properly back to sleep afterwards, a kind of fitful doze. Well done for sticking at your quit.


Hey weldone for not cavbing in andwelcome to the forum :-) yes sleepless nights are normal and you can probably have this for a few weeks, do not give in :-) you will go through the emotions but we are all here to get you through them. I am going into week 12 and finally i have felt completely normal for last 9 days with no cravings at all. Everything just take time but you carry on the way you are. Next time you have a row with your daughter you can guarntee it will be easier!!

Keep at it :-)



keep at it hun, it gets easier as time continues, as for sleeping yes im either not sleeping or cant keep awake, but hopefully its starting to simmer out now:)

we're all here for you x


Well done bayb

You sound very strong to survive a major trigger like that.

I'm chuffed you didn't cave :)

I had quite a few sleepless nights at the start but I think I blame everything on quitting at the moment.

I believe that is a common fault, blaming everything on quitting, but if I'm really honest I used to have sleepless nights before I quit. :rolleyes:

I have slept well for the last week or so, not too good last night though, but I think that was to do with the beers! Hic! ;)

I hope you stay strong in your quit and wish you the very best of luck

Take care



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