No Smoking Day
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Day 1


Im on my umpteenth attempt of giving up,and stumbled across this site whilst desperately tryingto find something to take my mind off wanting a ciggie.I plannedto do it cold turkey altho i did buy patches n nicotine mints just for a reserve.I had my last fag last night,i struggled ater my cuppa this morn but popped a mint in,and now feel guilty for putting some nicotine into my body.Its great to find others in a similar situation and hear the sucess storys,ilook 4ward to hearing from others along this journey.Ive been a smoker for 20 odd years where did that time go

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Well done on your decision to quit and finding this forum. Don't feel guilty about taking some nicotine. Quitting smoking is what it is all about and it doesn't matter how you do it.


thank you for all your kind words,well ive managed to get through till after dinner n feeling better than before,after coming off the forum i put on a patch altho made me dizzy so cut it in half n seem to be doing ok,i spent an hr crafting with my 4 yr old n didnt think about a fag at all,even managed to eat my dinner,which is another trigger time but so far so good,gonna go n mop my kitchen floor now n keep busy,but compared to this morn i dnt seem to struggling at all,so lets keep it up


You're doing well. About the patches, if you wave them about for a minute they won't make you itch.


Well done Baybiiflirt, step by step you are doing it.


well done

well done, time goes so fast, I am also a 20 year smoker! Best of luck and keep on believin your can stop!!

smoker 20 years

Stoppered 20th October 2012

Patches and now cold turkey


yayy well done!! Keep going :D


Keep going Hun its well worth it:D it's hard but the rewards are worth it xx


Well done in your decision to quit. Just take 1 step, and 1 day at a time. And, hey, day 1 almost over!

Fi x


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