No Smoking Day
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Whoop whoop, im here! I can hardly believe it. And im actually a day or 2 late as well.

Needless to say im delighted. I cannot believe the change in me in 1 year. Its soooo hard to think that this time last year i was tearing my hair out in the early stages of withdrawal! Im very proud of myself for my achievement. I ROCK! lol.

If you are just starting stopping now, then good luck, you can do it. It gets easier every single day and although you will have ups and downs you will get there in the end if you want it enough!

My husband and i both stopped cold turkey together on halloween last year... we have made it one whole year without smoking and we're still together;) NO EXCUSES PEOPLE, you can do it:) xx

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Congratulations and well done! A year is a massive achiement, and yes you rock!:)


Well done - it's such a fantastic feeling!!! I'm a couple of days late with mine too - funny how it doesn't fill our every waking thoughts now as it did in the early days. :eek:


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