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Hi Everyone - I've just joined today as I'm on day four and the ciggie monster is on the rampage today. I tried giving up loads of times and managed it for 2 years once (in my youth)!!

Other half being very empathetic but not that helpful - so need others who are in the same boat and can give me a boost when the days get really tough.

Sorry if I sound very whiney and self centred today but day 4 has been so much harder that day 1-3 for me.

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  • I replied to your last post:)

  • Thanks Una - replied to you. But just to say the monster has gone quiet and is in hiding at the monet - feeling so much happier.


  • im on day 15 hun and still the cravings catch me out sometimes like today and yesterday,

    i just take one day at a time and end up arguing with myself loads :confused:

    yes i know looney bin time, but it does work :D

    good luck hun Sian x

  • Tracey

    I wish you all the very best in your quit.

    Fi x

  • Tracey honey welcome and congrats on your quit

    yes you will find endless support on here, please do read through all comments and a lot will relate to you. Honey it will get eassier it just takes time 3 weeks will feel like 3 years....

    my partner told me i started tpo return to normal after 3 weeks or so from being an absoulte b1tch from hell lol and i knew myself i was different, lost lonely slightly depressed even but after 3-4 weeks i started to come round and could see what was oin front of me...

    like you i tried to quit well into double figures over the years and failed now im on 3 months longerst ever and feel great and i know you will too...

    PM if you nee to chat about anything sweetie



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