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Last day of week 2

Hi all,

I thought i would come on and have a ramble about my experience so far.

Week 1 was hard but it was made easier with the continuous use of my e-cig.

by the end of week 1 i was down to using it 3-4 times a day all the usual times first thing in the morning with my coffee, after meals etc.

this has been made slightly harder as my wife has not stopped so she was always popping out the back for a smoke.

Week2 was significantly better, but still difficult as i am starting to put myself in trigger senarios.

today I have not looked at the ecig, but i know it is there, if needed.

On the health side of things i have noticed my breathing has been slightly easier, but nothing else so far.

Take care


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Sounds like you are doing ok Daz. It doesn't happen overnight and soon you will feel a lot better. Maybe your wife will join you when she sees how successful you are?


Well done Daz

I'm rootin and a tootin for yer! :D

Sounds like you are doing great not even having to use your e-cig.

Now come smashing in to week 3 with a spring in your step, a glint in your eye and a whistle on your lips!

That was a bit naff really wasn't it but you get the idea!! :D

Well done mate



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