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No Smoking Day
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Stoptober done

And I have a statistically higher chance of staying quit.

There are times when I think it would be nice to have one, but having a feeling it probably won't be nice and I'm likely to find it revolting and be sick.

My teeth are whiter, my skin is a different colour and softer, even my eyes seem clearer.

My circulation is coming back, and everyday I know I'm statistically improving the chances of living longer. To see my kids grow up, get married, maybe become a grandma that can run around and play than be dead or hooked up to an oxygen cylinder.

Life is not a scary place as a non smoker, its less stressful, its richer, it gives you freedom.

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Your post fills me with a smoke-free serenity - nice one! Well done on Stoptober.


Excellent post! Well done and stay strong you have doen the hard bit!:)


well done fellow stoptoberers

we smell better, we look better, we are richer (Wallis sale notwithstanding) and we feel better

bloody great isnt it ?


Yayyyy WTG Nicki :D go gurl you doing great keep you plodding forward

It is less stressful, there was nothing more stressful on a night out than fishing around in ya bag in the dark looking for your lighter lol and 2 less things on the "check list" before you leave the house :D

Deep breath another day nearly over


Hi Foreverandex

Those are very good reasons to stay stopped! I smoked my last one the other day (Monday 29th) and I already feel good and at the moment - just enjoying my freedom from the weed! :D

I'm looking forward to having my white teeth back - 1. from not having the supply of tobacco staining my teeth and 2. from not having to drink 20 cups of coffee so I can half enjoy the cigs I was forcing down my neck!


2 less things on the "check list" before you leave the house :D


I went on to rollys for the last year or so, and had to manage to remember baccy, Rizlas and filters, as well as the lighter. Got sick of getting to work or wherever I was going and finding I'd forgotten the Rizlas or the baccy, but had the other bits with me.

Going out is quicker and easier nowadays! :)


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