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Difficulty eating

Anyone had difficulty eating? I've had cereal and toast for the last four days. My boyfriend made me a nice meal so I could try to eat, but my stomach just kind of shrivelled up after a few mouthfuls and then it was unpleasant trying to force it down.

I went out and got myself a box of chocolate today to congratulate myself or as some kind of reward but every time I put something in my mouth the cravings are awful. It's like everything reminds me of smoking - especially eating - and my stomach just gets really tense and I feel emotionally upset with every mouthful.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any tips? Starting to look a bit skinny and my stomach hurts quite a lot...

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Starting to look a bit skinny

You're not gonna be very popular on here with talk like that :eek:

I think lots of folks wish they felt like you haha I do believe you're quite the exception..... maybe try some nice relaxation exercises, yoga, deep breathing, soft music, hot bath, etc before eating. You're learning a new routine and that can be stressful which totally affects eating.... you'll be fine, everything will normalize. In the meantime, best tell folks how fat you're getting and don't mention the sk***y word again ;)



I am a little jealous of you because I am terrified about putting on weight and I dropped about 3 stone within about 2 years of starting smoking really down to the fact I was a young teenager and would spend my lunch money on smoking rather than eating.

I do understand a little bit, so far I have avoided eating meals because my cravings get really bad. I used to eat really fast because I was looking forward to smoking after a meal. I have found I can only snack now.

I think unless you are getting really ill from not eating you should maybe try smaller snacks through the day and build it up.

I also like to have a plan set out on what I have to do right after a meal so that I have something to keep my mind busy and away from cravings.

Hope this helps you!


Hi Kerry

The first few weeks of my quit.. We're just normal.. Than bang it all hit me.. And that was one of my symtoms I couldn't eat a thing fir about a week an half. I was only managing half a tin of soup.. And I lost 6 pounds.. My stomach just shrivelled as soon as food was given too me. Felt sick and weak.. Then after a few weeks it went.. Remember being at a wedding and stuffing me face to the point I had to be sick.. :eek:

Now I wish I could stop eating as iv put that back on and about 4 pound more


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