No Smoking Day
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So close to my first week!

Ok so day 6 and doing ok as I'm now experiencing larger gaps between cravings.

I've bought some lozenges and they seem to be working:)

I dropped the e-cig as wanted to break the link / action of smoking.

I'm also feeling a lot fitter and taste and smell have improved sooo much.

I'm still having doubts about next weekend as I'm driving a long way and usually have regular cig breaks on this journey .

I am desperate to stay strong and determined not to undo all my hard work.

Well done to all my fellow quitters and see you in week 2 :D

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Well Jonny :D and the joy with the lozenges you will find after a while a whole one is too much.... so just snap them in half ...maybe wait untill AFTER your long car journey for that one lol

keep going you sre doing great


Thanks Short Stuff,

You are so right the lozenges are like horse pills!

Thanks for the faith in me it means a lot.

You to are doing amazing and I really appreciate your comments.


go jonny go!!!

youc an do it my man!!!!

keep talking. :);)


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