No Smoking Day
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40 Days

Preeeetty chuffed i can tell you, the support of all on here has been phenominal....!!!

Managed to drop 2 and a half pounds of post quitting weight too last week, get in there! Who says you have pack it on when you pack it up eh?

Lookin forward to my next milestone.... the countdown begins to.... er whats the next mini one.... just looked, it'll be 6 whole weeks! Yipski!

The times going faster now than it did in them first 4 weeks.... and guess what? I even missed my 5 week mini-milestone... wow!

Big lovezz xxx

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What a lovely positive post! Well done Zozie!!

I might have to dig out my cheerleader pompoms and do a bit of high kicking.

Gimme a Z!!

H x


Zozie, well done, your doing absoulte amazing, when I got to 40 its the best feeling but I doubt when i turn 40 in 7 years time i will feel the same haha D xxx


zozie you little gorgeous sparkling pixie you!!!! 40 days wowzers!

you are doing so well, super-proud of you. :)


Well done Zozie. Doing the Olympians proud!!!


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