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Day 7

Good day to you all! I'm new to this forum and will soon complete my first week without smoking. To be honest, I would not have

survived the past week without this forum. You all such a inspiration to each other even these who moan and groan, you make me

realize it's not just me who's struggling and if you can do it, than I can do it as well.

This will be my 3rd attempt to quit of which my last attempt failed more than a year ago. This time it's not easier than the other

times, but I feel much stronger than the other 2 attempts. It's also true that they say you only getting stronger each time you fail

and you learn from your past mistakes.

My 1st and 3rd day was the worst so far and lately I'm only having 1 - 3 cravings a day which is not so strong. I still expect some

difficult day's, however I hope I’m wrong.

Thank you all for making this forum possible!!


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Nice work Jaco,

Ideal time as its a mass quit. I think there are somewhere in the region of 50,000 that have confimred on the stoptober facebook page that they have made a week. I am sure there are many more. Never a better time to get the support thats at times is veeery needed!

Keep it up!


Awesome work, man. I too stopped a week ago today. I agree that this forum has been a truly massive help - it stops you feeling like you're the only person going through it. It's hard to quit around people who don't smoke, and thus don't realise what a battle it can be.

Anyway, once again - great stuff!


Really well done!!! I remember getting the first wk out the way,its a good feeling.

You,ll still have your good/bad days but as everyone on these boards say it does gewt easier.....:D


Well done.

Another that is on day 7. The cravings are diminishing a bit but its the triggers and learning new behaviour so that we don't fall into the traps that we have to watch out for.


Well done on being quit for a week that is a really good start. Th first days are the toughest. You have joined this forum at a time when there are a lot of people at the same stage as you and you can all help and support each other. Once again well done and keep it going!


Hay Jaco,

Im only a day ahead and had 4 failed attempts (my other half hearted efforts dont count lol) and its a great feeling getting to day 7 and a sense of relief too lol..everyone on here is so helpful and supportive, I couldnt of got to day 8 without them

You are doing great, hang on in there, hour by hour, day by day you will do it :D


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