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October 2010 Group-2 Year Quit Call

Hi All

Just sat here thinking OMG almost 2 years for me since i had my last smoke but how are the rest of my October 2010 buddies doing.

Post and let us all know how you are whether your still quit, if you ended up back on them and are contemplating another quit day or if you started again and you have already managed to start another quit, either way we are all proud of you and it would be lovely to hear from you.

Mine will be 2 years in 18 days but i know there are others like Levs (Sian) and Tia that quit before me. How you guys doing?

Best of luck to the other Oct groups too. :)

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Hey Jo,

2 years quit yesterday for me. Had one blip along the road but I am still an ex smoker and will remain to be

Sian x


Woohoo big well done Jo and Sian! It's great to see another October group doing so well! ;)


2 years today for me! I've just realised the date and logged in to make sure I was right. 2 years ago today I smoked my last cigerette, wasn't sure I'd do it, it was tough but I'd never start again. woot !!


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