No Smoking Day
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Missed it!!!

It was my six month anniversary on Monday 1st of October and I missed posting it as I was enjoying a lovely smoke free holiday with my family in sunny Teneriffe:D

This is my first ever smoke free holiday, that, I can remember anyway.

I must admit, the first couple of days were tough:eek: it seems that every single person smokes in Teneriffe.

My OH was going for it in a big way because of the price and I witnessed my 18 year old son smoking for the first time. I knew he smoked but had never seen him. This made me really sad as I know the years of misery ahead for him. I've tried to tell him but you know how it is.

Anyway, I'm so glad to still be here. I can't quite believe I've reached this milestone but still plodding along.

Good luck to everyone, honestly if I can do it, then so can you;)

I still want to not smoke more than I want to smoke and believe this is keeping me strong. Oh and also you guys of course xxx

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Hi Mags.... Well done! I go away a week on Sunday to Salou and I will be having my first smoke free holiday.

I am gutted for you that your lad was smoking! He will hopefully see the light soon. Once the novelty has worn off and the smell and the cost sink in.

That is even more of an achievement that you did not cave when you hubby smoked and your son. So pleased for you and welcome back too!:)


Well done Magwillz; I remember my first ciggy in front of my Mum and Dad when I was 18..if only I knew then as I know now etc etc.

Still, we can only look out for ourselves I suppose although I would be the same if my lad started; he's a dancer so I would hope he won't but there's no telling at that age..


Thanks Haz and AB

I know he thinks it's really cool to smoke, I can tell by the way he holds it etc, you know what I mean. Also most of his college mates smoke too.

The worst thing is, when he was younger, he was soo anti smoking. But on the positive side, his older brother doesn't smoke and I really believe he never will.

Really pleased you two are doing great:D xxx


Me Too!! Well done Mags, glad to see you still quit and having had a lovely smoke free holiday.:D


Well done MagWillz!!!

Great t hear that you are keeping confident despite the challenges around you.



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