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the acid test!!

Well I am about to test my will and resolve to the max! Same weekend every year for last 12 year I go on our (brother and mates) annual Blackpool weekend jolly! I really ought to cancel but I'm this years driver and I'm also thinking I should just take on what will be a weekend full of triggers while my will is strong!!.... If I can get through the next 2 days It will be huge for me... Wish me luck!

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Good luck for the weekend.

Have a great time, just without the cigs.


There'll be way too much to occupy you in Blackpool without even having to think about a fag!

Have a great time.

If it does get a bit rough you can always post a 'help' on here.


Thanks for the gee up guys. I was just about to post HELP!!

35 year old 16 stone guy having a panic attack. I was having stupid thoughts that i may as well just go and buy a pack now and ease the anxiety rather than put it off and end up smoking later when im pissed... i know its stupid but i couldnt get away from it....and breeeeath.

Struggling but i have just read your comments and found a bit of resolve!!

Keep it up guys and your comments actually do help more than any NRT.


OK, just stay strong, if its any consolation I am an almost 35 year old, capable mum of 3 and this thing is bigger than any challenge I've ever faced.

I'm staying sober because at the moment I haven't got the will power to resist if I have a drink, so you have my full admiration for giving up the week before a weekend away, I would've waited til afterwards.

Is everyone you are going with smokers, if not there will be others to stay in the pub/ club with while some smoke outside. The smoking ban has some effects you're forced outside in the cold and possible rain. While you stay dry and warm.

Good luck


good luck to you ican.

Its a challenge that you have to face and one that you can overcome. not sure how pissed you are planning to get but if its on the messy side then you may not even know what you are doing which could be dangerous.

i wish you luck but you wont need it, just revel in the fact you can enjoy a drink without cigs.


and the result is...

made it through!!! so proud of myself. Mates were really supportive and kept me laughing from friday through to sunday, couple of hardmoments but can honestly say i never came close to putting one near my mouth!! Thanks for the good luck messages (and it was messy, very messy). one big challenge out of the way and i feel great for it.

Added bonus... hangover was so much better without the tight chest and cough!!

letsmoved onto week 2!


Well done u

I faced same challenge at the weekend and got through it with only the odd fleeting thought.... feel so good about that as it was a concern.... Im on day 15 and down to getting through most of the day without even thinking about it,, Im on patches and cant see me changing that anytime soon lol.... :)


thanks Karyn, its daft really isnt it how anxiety can set in when we know we are going to be tested but then when the trigger comes we can get through without the anguish we have predicted. Trust me i would have smoked 120 over the weekend normally, I love the banter in the smoke dens so had to completely change everything and got through it. Honestly think facing it early is the best thing as i now know i can take on anything! keep it up and if patches work for you then fair play, i know lots who have succeded that way.

Best thing for me has been this forum, its my new crutch, when i get a pang iread this and it helps sooo much x


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