No Smoking Day
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Getting towards the end of Day three!

Ooof! Today was hard. I had more cravings than usual and nearly gave in a few times but I'm glad I got through. I've read that day three is one of the worst so I'm just telling myself it's all up from now!

I'm going through phases of thinking I don't need cigarettes in my life anymore, and other phases of feeling really desperate for one.

Pleased I've got this far. I'm going to start doing more exercise at the weekend and get fit :)

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I would recommend excersise for you because it helps a lot with depression and it can mean that your body releases endorphins which are feel good hormones so it can only be a good thing. Stick with this quit it will get easier and easier good luck!:)


I agree with the exercise Im just back from my 1st exercise workout and it really does sweat the toxins out of your body and feels great...well done for getting to the end of day 3 - I'ts where I'm at now tomorrow we are half way through a week! Thats something to be proud of :D well done again ....keep going


Yes, exercise helps a lot. I'm doing 10 miles a day on my spin bike which I love.

Good luck.


restraint prevents exercise

Would love to do exercise but I have had to get the wife to hide all the money and lock me in a cupboard, might be able to get a set of those hand exercise springy things off ebay with the money I've saved today (if I can last till shop shuts at 10) !


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