No Smoking Day
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Day One over...

This is so much NOT like the other times I gave up..Struggling already!! Horrific taste in my mouth, water is now starting to taste like a swimming pool, Looking at the fags on the shelf in the shop this morning like they were Chocolate...I didn't give in!! Nor to the Chocolate

Never had any of this the other 3 times...Only recently been put on Hrt (yes Hrt not Nrt) and used to wake up so happy and full of beans now I struggle to want to get up AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

But I am up... done the school run (very nearly in my Onsie lol) but didnt want to embarrass my son to anyone who saw my lovely fleecy Zebra print snuggly suit through the car window!! Normally no one sees the Onsie... but this morning I wouldn't of cared if Mr Jessie Pavelka saw me in it!! But would of fixed my hair and make up tho lmaoooo ...OK... so I still have retained my sense of humor... there is still hope!!

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Keep going

You,ll be fine,just keep telling yourself you really want to do this!!If you can get through the first wk while stressed you will get through anything.............believe me I know LOL.:D


Thanks Carol.... Feeling rather chuffed with myself today....eventually! I have found 2 ways of dealing with the cravings and people and situations that make you go AGHHHHHHHH and want to throw lemons at them... fab for taking cravings away... and because they are sweet it curbs the sweet tooth as well as being healthy....and for people who know the ones.. who pull out in front you, push their trolley in the back of your legs...etc......I smile...take a deep breath and say..... That's nice!!!....Those of you who have seen Mrs Browns boys will know exactly what I mean by that lol

Feeling positive and with a fridge stacked with Mangetout!! and a worktop full of niQuitin lozengers :D


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