No Smoking Day
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My Inspiration!

I have a million reasons really.

My biggest reason is my daughter - she is almost 3 and I am her world. Not only do I not want to be a bad influence on her, but I want to be healthy and live a long healthy life and watch her grow into the amazing women that I just know she is going to be. She is my inspiration!

Other reasons include:

I'm skint

I smell of smoke

I'm trying to get fit

Family - got a fella I would quite like to grow old with!

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Hi BB, there is no bigger reason than our kids eh?

good for you and i wish you all the luck in the world.


All fantastic reasons but make sure you put yourself high up that list. The most important person you will ever stop for is you. Everything else is an added benefit (i.e. more time to spend with your family, not being a bad influence). This is the one time when putting yourself first will be the best thing you can do for everyone. Good luck.


wise words m&m, wise words.


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