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1 Whole Week..... Yipeeee


well day 7 for me..... its feels like the longest week of my life.... Yesterday/last night was a test for me.... out with bunch of smokers and alcohol involved, fleeting thoughts of joining them on occasion but got through it in fact was surprised at how annoying it was when everyone kept disappearing for a cig (trying hard not to sound like a pain in the butt ex smoker lol)... Feeling good with myself as it was a concern that when out I would take that one fatal puff.

Onwards and upwards .... bring on week 2 :)

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Thats fantastic!!!Getting through those first few social outings are tough,but now you know you can do it/Well done to you.:D

Thanks Carol.... I feel more determined as time goes on .... hope it stays like that lol

Well done Karyn! I think you did amazing.That has got to be one of the hardest things to do-ie go out with smokers-and after such a short time too.It just shows you that you CAN do it.Keep on! All the best.

Thanks Soosan....

You are doing really well. Keep going the way you have been and you will be fine.

One of the best things about not smoking anymore will be not having to go outside when you are with your smoking friends,Esp with winter coming:D

Big test and your through it. These 'biggies' really add up for me.

Good on you as your example will help others who are struggling.

Hi Karyn. Big test passed with flying colours! Well done to you!:)

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