No Smoking Day
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Day 44!

All going well with my quit. I am enjoying being healthier and wealthier.

There have been days recently when I have been extremely stressed and I have nearly cracked on a few occasions. But poisoning myself with nicotine won't change the situation. I need to keep reminding myself of this because the issues with my son aren't going to disappear any time soon and losing my quit is that last thing I want.

It helps to pop in here and read. Enjoy the weekend.

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Great to read such a positive post Ellie and your right smoking isnt going to change anything in anyway shape of form

keep saying i am not going to smoke today and carry on ignoring those pesky voices in your head

mind you im sure they have gotton quieter now for you but be warned they do at times of upset and stress get louder but as long as you carry on ignoring them

you will keep the power you have won to get where you are now

you must be so proud of yourself


hope your treating yourself with the money your saving

onwards and upwards is the only way





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