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Day 5 and feeling fine

Hi Everyone,

On to day five and it has been relatively easy for me just a few craves that I have told to bugger off!

I am off on a team build event this afternoon and it will be lovely not to have to keep sneaking off for a fag and coming back smelling like well you all know what like - GROSS.

I keep spraying myself with impulse and love smelling so nice and my skin has already improved - happy days eveyone

Have a great weekend and I will post over the weekend at some point




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Well done on day 5. Not going to offer any advice as you have been there before but this is your quit.


Hi Dottie...

I feel ur my bud as were on same day lol... I have had yet again another "not bad" day. I find Im waiting on something major happening or have I just psyched myself up to thinking it was going to be a whole lot worse than its been so far.. The odd impulse Ive had has been strong but only briefly, certainly not long enough to make me look for a cig... Going on a night out tomorrow so this will be my first time having a drink, im a bit apprehensive if im honest but Im determined there s no way this is for nothing.....:)


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