No Smoking Day
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Day 2!!!!

Well made it to day 2 without scratching anyone's eyes out! Nah it really hasn't been that bad, got the patch on and just staying busy. Talk to my friends mom this morning, which they put a patch on her in the hospital and she hopes she can keep going when she gets out with the patch. They are keeping her a few more days to try to get her lungs to clear up some more.

I am going to support her and let her know that I am trying right along with her. Now we just have to work on her daughter to quit! :)


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brilliant stuff michelle. its a great feeling eh?

keep going, it will get easier....


Well done its always great to have a quit buddies

But try not to push other ppl into quitting as its a choice that had to be made when a person is strong enough to do it.


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