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Into The 4th Week


Never would have believed that I'd be saying that - 22 days and feeling over the moon on the one hand and physically crap on the other. But the physical symptoms are normal and will pass.

The real difference with this quit has been this forum and the support it gives. For anyone like me who's reading around for a little while before joining, just do it. You won't regret it.

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well done!

Massive well done on coming into the 4th week! Your doing fabulously there. We're all proud of you!

Keep on reading posting and most importantly winning the battle against smelly stinky nicodemon!

We'll beat him together yeah! Thwack pow clobber kadoink...... take that!


Hey York, so chuffed for you mate...... nice one.

Hey York. Well done on getting to week 4. You should feel proud of yourself, it's a big achievement. In regards to the physical symptoms, I sympathise. I have never felt as bad as the the last few weeks. The only thing I can suggest is to hold on to the knowledge that it's temporary - your body is repairing years of damage. Keep at it!!!

'Welled Up - Sob'!!

Thanks all. Got a good cough going this morning and it feels like the chest is loosening up at last.

Lets all keep going, a day at a time.

I haven' had a cough yet - maybe its imminent!!

Hi YorkSX.I am just so pleased you got through to this week.Well done! Ive only just stumbled on to your old post and held my breath waiting to discover if you had made it through.Its a long old haul isnt it with lots of twists and turns on the way.Each one and each day making you stronger.Another forum member said about the 'entities'(the ones that make you want to give up) Deny them Defeat them and scrape them off. : ) Keep up the good work! All the best x

I haven' had a cough yet - maybe its imminent!!

Hey Magic, you may want to have lots of really hot shower or steam your a face in hot water over abowl put towell round your head to keep steam in, you need to get that sh1t up man!


Well done mate, i know how you feel, i found week4-6 the hardest but now its coming to an end, feel much better but keep at it fella :-)


cheers DJ, ill give it a bash later.

A big well done to you - fabulous progress:)

I haven' had a cough yet - maybe its imminent!!

I haven't had a cough at all. Didn't have one before I quit and still haven't had one.

I haven't had a cough at all. Didn't have one before I quit and still haven't had one.

I haven't too sometimes I get a bit ov gunk but that's all..

Talking to my son-in-law today, who's been quit over a year, he got a productive cough around 6-8 weeks. I feel as if I really need to shift some gunk from the bottom of my chest so it was good that a little came up today.

My wife bought me a little steam inhalator with a mask (only £2.00 from Home Bargains) so I'll give it a go.

Thanks again to everyone.

Well done!

I have been quit nearly 8 months now and like Una, I didn't have a cough before and I haven't had one since I quit, so I dont think everyone will get this 'productive cough'. Well done on staying quit, you have done really well York:)

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