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One week.....yippee!

Quit last Sunday evening16th.Its been a rollercoaster week to say the least.

First few days I was determined,3-5 doubts and anxiety set in 6-7 so-so.

So Im really pleased to get the first week out of the way and keep determined.

Its been great to come on this forum,knowing you are not alone and being able get support.It keeps your mind off fags and helps your resolve.:)

Taking day by day and hope to get to the 2wk goal without too many bad days.............:D

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Well done carolrose keep up the good work am 1 week tomoro support makes such a differance we really need it lynn


Well done!

Carolrose well done on your first week quit. You have done so well. Be proud!:)


hardest week over

Hello :)

Well done for getting the first week over. I'm not going to say it's easy from here onwards... but I would definately say that the first week is the hardest, so whatever you have over the rest of your withdrawal should not be as hard as what you've just gone through. Onwards an upwards

Lauren X


Yes!!! onwards and upwards. Thanks:D


Be proud, you deserve to feel special, you made it to 7 days. I've still got 2 days to go and I have to say this site and all you lovely people have made it possible to get to where I am on this journey, and I thank you. Keep strong and focused.


Well done Carol. That's hell week over and done with. It will still be a battle but if you got through week 1 then it gets easier. Keep at it and remember that we are all here to offer support and advice when you need it.


woot woot - well done, thats a fabulous achievement!!! :)


Well done for getting to the end of your first week..

Take it one day at a time and before I no it it will be 2 :D


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