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Day 2- The revival

Hi all,

This is day 2 for me, I'm also a newbie to this site. I've been smoking for around 20 years at 20 cigarettes a day and today I am finding it difficult. It fella like my "get up and go" and got up and gone. Although I feel healthier, I can't sleep at night. I am using patches has this got anything to do with it?

On a side note some of the support and feedback seems very positive and encouraging in previous threads I have read on my journey of becoming an official ex-smoker.



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Hi and welcome and well done for reaching day 2

I had patches for the first few weeks of quitting they did disturb my sleep and gave me crazy wired dreams that I really enjoyed :D. My get up and go went for about 3 months. But it cud be differ t for you. As I found the first 2 weeks of my quit a breeze it was after all the symptoms started.

Just take it one day at a time. If u feel tired sleep. Don't force ur self into doing anything as I found that made me feel worse. If I was tired I slept. If I felt line doing exercise I did.


First off - well done!! Don't give up :)

Like you I was a 20 a day smoker for 14 years, and I'm very new to quitting (day 5). I've used the patches too and sleeping at night has been a bit weird for me. I usually sleep fine, but since stopping smoking I've only been able to sleep a few hours at night, when I usually sleep 8/9 hours, and finding myself real tired during the day. I'm putting it down to the exhaustion I honestly feel from constantly saying no to myself about reaching for a cigarette. It's like waging war, and it gets tiring! Ha!

Just look on the bright side - you're able to say 'I don't smoke', you smell nicer, and you have nicer teeth. Put up with the weird sleeping and lack of energy for a few weeks - and maybe drink some coffee and red bull :D



Thanks for the replies.

I don't drink coffee or tea unfortunately, however I do like a can of redbull or seven but I have always had them with a cigaarette. A big fear is having that urge to dip my hand into the pocket and buy just ten cigs for break times. Dilemmas hey!!!!


I'm the same with tea and coffee, and no way could I give 'em up, so just stick with it. Sucks at times, but you need to try and disassociate red bull (or anything else for that matter) with smoking. It's what I'm *trying* to do. These first days have been tough, but if I can do it anyone can. Good luck!!!! :)


Hey G & Tweety Pie, well done so far on the starts to your quits; it gets easier with time so just grin, bear it, and do whatever you have to do to get through when you're's so worth it! And keep using this forum, it's gotten me to where I am ;)


the get up and go will return - just keep going with the quit no matter what you go through. Every difficult day overcome is a nail in the addiction's coffin.

Well done so far - it ain't easy so hat's off to you.



Are headaches part of the deal? What symptoms has everyone been having so I know hat to expect going forward!!

I no longer feel the urge for smoking now but I'm always having hot flushes strange but true!!


Haven't suffered from either, but I'd say everyone is different. Looking online there are lots of different withdrawal symptoms, headaches one of the main ones, so yep normal is my bet. Look at it this way - things can only get better, eh.


Are headaches part of the deal? What symptoms has everyone been having so I know hat to expect going forward!!

I no longer feel the urge for smoking now but I'm always having hot flushes strange but true!!

Hi About time.Yes I had hot flashes too-they lasted for about 5days.They seemed to alternate with feeling cold and shivery too and I also had headaches.I read somewhere that headaches are a sign that the body is detoxing itself.To be honest I had never felt so ill in my life but it made me realise just how much shit I must have put into my body by smoking.I had a choice.Stick with feeling weird and like shit or go back to smoking for good. As I had gone 5days without smoking I knew if I wanted to give up smoking them Id have to go through all the shit symptoms AGAIN : ( so I stuck with it.We are all different.Some sail through,some feel ill,some find it easy and some find it difficult.Well done you for getting this far.Ive quit for 2 weeks- after smoking for 42 years-and it gets easier by the day.Take it a day at a time ride with it and good luck!


Like SooSan my attitude has been that I do not want to go through all the crap feelings associated with the quit again. For me the first few days I had a constant dull headache. Over the ensuing 3 weeks or so:

Tight Chest

Various Muscle Aches

Dry/Sore Throat - particularly when I wake up.

Spells of ravenous hunger

Tiredness and Lethargy

Horrible mouth taste

Makes quitting sound awful but it's not all the time and not all at once.


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