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stooooopid brain

23 days today, feel a bit rubbish! Looks like i've won a head cold with all this healthy living... ahhh poo!

I suppose what goes in must come out..... strange how your brain thinks, ahhh i dont feel very good, have a fag. Pfft!

I'm going to fall out with my brain and its stupido way of thinking soon.

Hope all are strong n ready for le weekend. xx

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Hi Zozie, you are doing brilliantly. Sorry you have a head cold but having a fag will make you feel far worse in more ways then one! Amazing what ruses the old nicodemon will come up with to tempt you back. Tell him to bugger off and pamper yourself to make you feel better.

Enjoy your weekend cold allowing ;)

Gaynor x


Well done Zozie. i was having a bitch the other day to my wife and she commented on how much healthier I am not smoking. Kind but totally wrong.

The facts - sore throat, headaches, not sleeping properly, eating too much crap and tight chest - WTF!!

However these all seem to be part of the healing process so I'm not getting bent out of shape about it.


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