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End of week 3, I do not miss;


having bags and pockets full of empty packets, bits of silver paper. I certainly do not miss pieces of cellophane that get stuck to my finger when my hands are full so I can't get them off. No longer do I root around in my bag or pockets, only to come out with bits of tobacco under my nails.

When a smoker is near me and the smell from their clothing is bad, I find it hard to beleive I could have smelt that bad, but I did.

I am now going to work on my garden, while my children play outside - so nice not to have to keep hiding from them so that I can smoke. :)

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Well done Annie :)

thats a great post to read

keep that positive mindset going and it wont be long before your reaching month 1 :D

onwards and upwards is the way to go



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