No Smoking Day
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Week 1

Hey all, I'm totally new to forums so forgive me if I mess up somehow lol.

I'm 23 now and have been smoking for roughly 10 years. I can quite easily not smoke for a week (and have done so 5 or 6 times) but I find it gets really hard after that. I've tried using both Nicorette gum and Nicorette patches to get me through day 8 but they just make me feel sick so I stopped using them. My Uncle broke his 20 year, 40 a day habit using the Nicorette oral spray so I'm gonna give that a try next.

Any questions/tips/constructive criticism welcome!

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Any questions/tips/constructive criticism welcome!

All I can say is well done for giving it another go, keep at it and good luck :)


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