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Im nearly through day5 and its been "ok" but Why is it that as soon as something goes wrong or you feel a bit down do you start fantasising about a fag,and thinking it will make everything better.

You know it wont and its the reason Iv failed so many times before.Iv done so well and I wont have one but how to get thoughts back on track:confused:

carolrose........trying to stay positive,want to get to 1st week.

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Carolrose (beautiful name by the way)

It feels like it feels because you are addicted. Thats the top and bottom. For my money there is NO easy way to get to week 1 week 2 week 3. Just take the pain on the chin. Stick your chin out and invite it to hit you harder. Let the craves wash over you......shout....COME ON CRAVES DO YOUR WORST. Pretty soon you'll see that actually YOU....YOU Carolrose....are the stronger one. Accept that its uncomfortable for now. Accept it and dont fight it. Before you know it you'll be like me and hundreds of others on here who wouldnt smoke a fag if you paid us to. Really, truly. What you feel now is VERY temporary. Take the pain lass. It wont last long. x


As smokers we are constantly in withdrawal and craving.... as soon as we finish a cigarette, nicotine levels drop fast and you've got to light up soon again. This is certainly stressful and a smoker keeps smoking to avoid further withdrawal. In time, smoking seems to become a coping mechanism for all stressful situations even though the fags themselves cause quite a bit of stress.

When you quit, you go into withdrawal and yes it's a bit of stress to the system since you're no longer feeding your addiction.... add another life stressor and you want a fag double badly because you're 'coping mechanism' is now gone.

You will learn better coping strategies, it gets easier fast, just stick with your quit and find other ways to relax when dealing with stress such as exercise, music, reading, etc..... take care :)

Reply through that bad patch with your support and no fags:)

Hope to not get many like if it was only that easy.

3pm on day6.:D


It just messes with your head. Ignore it and keep on doing what you're doing. You're doing great.

We can't un-learn anything so it's sometimes a matter of learning new ways to handle the old stuff.


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