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A poem

A friend sent this to me.......

The death of Innocence

I lie in here, beside the whitewashed wall,

My hair is gone, my head is bald,

The room is sterile and it's very cold,

Wish you were here, Dad, I need someone to hold.

I can't breathe, I'm on a machine,

It goes whirr and click, it's such a din,

I've got lung cancer, it's all black inside,

When Mom says smoking causes cancer, Dad, I think she lied.

I never lit up, even when you did,

I just sat next to you, a small little kid,

You huffed and puffed through your life, Dad,

And Mom always looked so very sad.

My friends asked me to smoke, but I never did,

Because Mom told me from young: smoking is stupid,

It soots up your lungs and blackens your teeth,

So when I see a smoker, Dad, I anger and seethe.

You smoked two packs a day but you're still healthy and strong,

I hate smokers, Dad, but I never thought you wrong,

I love you, Dad, I always sat next to you,

And I know that you always loved me too.

The room here is cold, I see you through the glass,

And I think back to long ago, Dad, of times past,

Of the memories, I recall as much as I can,

There's always been a cigarette, Dad, stuck inside your hand.

I remember the fun things, Dad, all the times we had,

But as I look at you from here, you look so very sad,

You're not smoking, Dad, no cigarette I can see on you,

Maybe it's just the hospital, and this is the ICU.

My breathing becomes labored, I don't think I'll live,

Well, I tried my best, I gave all I had to give,

But one thing, Dad, I cannot comprehend,

I'm not a smoker, so why is my life about to end?

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