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Day 12 - flying by!

Hi all, im still here on my 12th day feeling stronger than ever.

I am conscious that I am coming on here being super positive and happy and that it might piss others off if they are struggling but thats my style im afraid.

Anyhow - symptom news:

Breathing becoming even easier than before - I didnt think that was possible as it has improved so much already but there it is....!

I seem to wake up earlier ?! i am now wide awake about an hour earlier than i would have been and when i wake i am wide awake. Which is good for both me and my wife - if you get my meaning ;);) yes, libido improved too!

All in all, still chuffing chuffed

oh -- - spin bike came yesterday so will be starting on that tonight...

good luck all

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Heyyyy Magic, your posts are great :-) no offense taking lol.

You are doing so so good with that mental spirit of yours,its amazing how the breathing after a few days stopping dramatically improves!!

Until you mentioned this, i have never noticed, i am also waking up earlier more refreshed still half dead but ahalf is better than practically dead lol....

I am also loving my stop attempts, my erractic thoughts when get stressed ect and the improvements are amazing in all areas. Its hard but its an easy hard as accepted i wont ever smoke again. its just getting used to it. i do not get bad tempered in public or people just keep it my self and off load on here hahaha..

anyways fella well done to you and keep that positive note up, its great to read



If anyone takes offence at you being positive then that is their problem. If being positive helps you in your quit then so be it. In fact, thinking back to your earlier posts it was negative thinking which pulled you down so don't worry about what others think.

It's good for newbies to see that it is full of positives and that it's possible for it to be achieved very quickly. You post whatever you need to post in the same way as everybody else posts what they need to. Never be ashamed of what you post and certainly never feel that you have to apologise for a positive attitude.

Though your wife may not be happy you sharing the intimate details of your mornings lol


Thanks mark, appreciate that. I agree with you that my doubts and negativity were my downfall in my previous quits.

I cant help being elated at what i have acheved. Its the best feeling ever!! im just conscious that other really struggle and i dont want to come across as gloating etc....

As for my wife, im sure she wont mind......;)



Well done magic

I'm always wide awake now at least and hour before my alarm. Must be sleeping better?


Woo hoo!! Lookin' good Magic :)


Delighted for you magic. Although... frankly, if my husband tried to wake me up an hour earlier than needful because of quit-related libido, I'd probably smack him one. I like my kip!!


Keep posting, Magic. I like your posting style.


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