No Smoking Day
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Day 11

Got a problem with that! :) he he...

Feeling great this morning, have a rather shitty day ahead at work but hey ho - i can overcome anything!!! :D

I also have my spin bike arriving today. Got a great deal for £400 (down from £550) and i have saved £80 towards it already! happy days eh? cant wait to get home and get going and realease those dolphins (what? endorphines - oh, sorry!)! i am going to get fit as well as not smoking - jeepers, i would never have said that 12 months ago!!! yey!!

Symptom news:

Still very tired especially at the end of the day (hoping bike will help with metabolism etc to sort that)

Teeth and gums are not aching anymore and ulcers are gone. yes !!!! :D

Thats it, nothing else to report today. just that i love the freedom!

Good luck today everyone

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Spin Bike?? And I'm taking up running!

Something weirdly healthy about this no smoking lark.

Good on you Magic, I was having a cravingy, shite morning and you've made me smile.


Dig in deep Yorky baby! revel in the delights at what you are doing...... shout it from the rooftops..



Well done Magic

Your doing soo well



Well done magic. Not so much on a health kick but I have started learning to drive and am saving towards the cost of a car. I am also taking singing lessons and now have a range that allows me to sing 'Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera. I'm not so concerned about thee weight and health side of it as I was a member of a gym before and know that I cna lose weight and get healthy but I would rather do some things I want to do first. Besides, even going to the gym I would never have gotten on a spin bike. They are scary and should be made illegal!!!


Scary? whats scary about them mark.....:confused:


I seen people in the gym get off them and collapse. I seen personal trainers break when they were hosting sessions. I seen me getting on one and my feet hardly touched the pedals cos I have wee short legs. My personal choice would be a cross trainer :)


ah yes, i wouldnt go to a spin class mark, thats for people with a sadistic side. I shall be using it sensibly and at the right pace.

ive just stopped killing myself with cigs, dont want to replce it with something else! ;)



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