No Smoking Day
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just popped in to say

..Made it to 6 weeks.. against all the odds :D

Still getting the odd crave but they are becoming less frequent, don't last as long and are not as strong so easier to ignore (touch wood!).

I noticed that I have totally disassociated myself from the addiction by viewing it as a seperate entity that needs to be ignored and scraped off! I was telling my daughter about this - she is studying psychology at university and said that this method is a commonly used theraputic tool for helping people with things like eating disorders or addictions! It really does help to seperate yourself, in your mind, from the part of you that wants to smoke. I hope that eventually the addict in me will just be scraped off and left behind.

Hope everyone else is having a good week and keep fighting the good fight.

Lauren X

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Interesting approach, The main thing is it's working for you.

All the best




Getting to six weeks is great and loving the positive mindset :)

thats the key thing to keep

onwards and upwards is the way forward





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