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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 and gahhh

Day 2 of my first ever proper attempt at quitting, and up until a few hours ago things were going great. I felt great! Right now, though, I feel like death! I'm using patches and they must be working, because I don't think it's the urge for nicotine I feel, more like the urge to be holding a cigarette and that hand mouth action followed by the feeling of inhaling. Or maybe I'm wrong and it is a nicotine urge. Either way, I'm only 2 days in and already I feel live giving up on the whole quit thing. And to make matters worse I'm now eating, eating and eating. Bad idea - trying to quit and there being chocolate in the house is not a good match!

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Hi tweetypie i have just got through day 2 as well sorry your going through so much cant be helping you at all, i am the same eating all the time hope you manage to stick with it lynn


stick with it guys you both doing fantastic stay strong and keep going things will get better :):):)


The nicotine monster will not give up easily. All those old habits and rituals associated with smoking make it harder but by being determined you will get through that particular crave. Try a few deep slow breaths and drink plenty of water (not at the same time). As for gaining a few pounds - they'll come off again in time.

If a day at a time is too long break it down into bit size portions. Mornings are still the worst for me but it's getting there.


Thanks ya'll. Suppose I just need to keep the willpower up...Easier said than done though


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