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Day 10


Hi everyone, first off, let me tell you that I am still feeling really good about this quitting lark and, dare i say it, finding it reasonably easy psychologically speaking(((kiss of death alert!!))).

However, on to the symptoms:

Yesterday i felt as rough as a badgers backside. It was as though i had everything going wrong at the same time. I had terrible stomach cramps, a splitting headache and a completely blocked hooter, a sore throat, cough, aches all over. I has a pretty busy day which didnt help. I am not saying this is quit related but it wasnt a pleasant day at all.

Today i feel better so i am putting it down to an one off event never to be spoken of again.....shhhh

in general i am still amazed at what i have achieved. I honestly never thought id be able to do this. You always hear that to quit you have to reeeaaalllyy want o do it and i think thats is where my head is. I want this so bad that it seems like plain sailing (((kiss of death alert 2!!))).

i love the freedom i have and never want to be controlled like that again.


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well done mate double figures now you are doing so well before you know it you will be out the weeks and into months stay strong and keep going :D:D

Yes, very well done , magic. Into double figures now:D


Way to go Magic

reaching double figures is brill


your are an inspiration to alot of the new folk just starting there journey :)

onwards to week 2



Thanks guys.

I have been smober (an app ive got calls it that - cool eh?) for 1 week, 2 days, 14hrs and 45 minutes and ive saved myself £72 and not smoked 192 cigs and extended my life by 16 hours. That about 4 games of golf!!!!!


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