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Quitters flu.... Any advice?

I have to start off by saying the undiminished improvement in my breathing since I quit is unbelievable and no matter what I'm going through now it cannot be bad enough for me to think smoking is better, even just for one puff.


Going through a real bad bout of what I read is Quitter's Flu. Today is Day 8 for me of my new life, and I started getting sick very late on day 6. Tonsils are incredibly swollen, can't swallow, nasal drip so bad it feels like it's making my feet itch, migraines, ear ache, sleeplessness, constipation... to name but a few niggling little symptoms. After 20 years of 40+ a day, of course I did expect some severe reactions. Was just wondering though if anybody else is experiencing the same severity, I guess, and if there's any advice for it.

In spite of the discomfort I am absolutely revelling in every moment of freedom from my smoking torture though. This just cannot compare.

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Hello Shanita, congrats on day 8 :-) I am on week 5 and have had some symptoms like you.

First off the breathing is immense, this alone should be enough to get you through and believe me being 30 a day for 20 years or so, it actually does get even better but you can expect more trouble along the way.. well i say that everyone is differnet.

after first week, i started to get a really sore throat, like i had tonsilites but woithout the tonsils lol ( had mine out at 17 )

I just accepted it, took lonsengers, pain killers, plenty of vitamin c and b, fresh fruit ect, it went away after about 2 weeks and let me tell you, it feels like i have a new throat, it does not feel like mine, the back of my throat is all pink and looks gleaming, not red and yellow through smoking!

by week 3-4 i started waking up with flu like symptoms, feeling utter crap, tight chest that hurts but these would sooth away once had a hot shower, and coughed up gunk! its basically from what i read, you will feel worse as the body is starting to clear out the gunk we have put in for years and when they start to work it hurts! defo the chest as the mucas starts to clog up airways ( you may start getting shortness of breath ) dont worry, its just the crap coming out sliughtly blocking airways, all that poisen is rising from the lungs and out the system! enjoy it! i know that sounds strange but when i get that tightness in chest, i force myself to cough it up ( gross i know ) and you can guarntee its all brown.. disgusting but im so glad its out and not inside! now into week 5 i am sleeping solid, my chest no longer tight, breathing is again much much better, im starting to feel like a new man.. icatn imagine what i will feel like in a year!! i cant wait.

Example after 5 weeks, i went to thorp park friday gone and what normaly i would get tired walking around all day in the heat, i was full of energy, no headaches and wanting to sit down. amazing.

just keep going, take some pain killers losengers for throat, if you get flu like symptoms, treat them like flu, it wont last, tight chest ? force it out plenty of hot showers or, steam your face, hot water in a bowel towell round head ad blow into it, let the lungs soak up the hot steam to losen up the mucas, this also helps a lot..

good luxk and will look out for your posts

derek xx


My poo comment

Hi There,

Sorry to hear that you are feeling rough at the moment, in a previous quit i had really awful constipation and found that increasing fruit, water and fibre helps, at the moment i'm getting through oodles of bananas, ryvita, liquids and vegetables to try to combat weight gain, i've not had that problem this time and can only attribute it to that.

Increasing fruit and veg can only be a good thing. Also if you've been snacking on bread/toast.... try not to... especially white loaves as they're quite binding.

Good luck and stay with us!!!! It may feel like crap now but you'll soon be swinging from the light fittings.

Zo xxx


Good luck and stay with us!!!! It may feel like crap now but you'll soon be swinging from the light fittings.

Zo xxx

haha that made me chuckle Zo xx


Thanks for the advice

Thanks a lot, Derek and Zo. Being able to interact with others who know what I'm going through does help so very much. As does the kindness and support you guys have shown. Each of you is an inspiration.

Gonna give the fruit another try.... lol. Gave up on it when I 'overdosed' on bananas in my first 3 days..... 2 and a half kilo's in 12 hours! Lmao. It was crazy. And you can imagine that plan.... um... backfired. Much more stable now though :D.

Yeah the fantasy of being smoke free for 1 year..... wow!! Preferable to even winning the lottery!


I think I had every symptom under the sun and more:confused:

Even after all this time I still don't feel great all of the time, but when I do :D


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