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Hello,Iv given up smoking many times before but never with a forum.So thought Id give it a go.

Im 52 and have smoked on and off for 35ys(shamefully) and I just cant kick the habit permanantly.I give up feeling really strong and then anything sends me back.

17.9.2012 is my stop day and am half way through it.I have bad chest pains and Im hoping these will go away if I stay quit.enjoy reading everyones stories and successes

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Welcome Carolrose,

Well done on your decision to quit. I am the same age as you and smoked for around the same length of time. I have tried and tried and tried quitting with not much success but am half way through month 4 now so it can be done.

I am sure you will see your health improve given time. I have copd and that is sooo much better. You have nearly finished day 1 so well done you :D

Gaynor x


A very warm welcome to you. Every person on this forum has been (or still is) where you are now so you will have lots of real support. This forum is priceless to me. Wouldn't be without it.

Post your head off (I do!) And let us all share your ups and downs.

I was a quit failure so many times before but I never stopped trying and for me that's the key. Don't put any pressure on yourself and try to enjoy your freedom instead of pining over something you don't want.

Good luck


What a lovely welcome from everybody :)

Im on 5mg patches which are very mild and an e-cig for back-up which I will only use in "emergency"and havnt yet,cos I dont like it.

see you in day 2,


Welcome Carolrose

I am on week 16 of my quit after 48 years of smoking, so it is possible!

I'm not saying it is easy, but it is possible.

I used e-cigs, just for the moments when I might have cracked. (My partner still smokes). Then of course you have the problem of giving up the e-cigs. I just set a date not to buy any more cartridges, and stuck to it.

There's no doubt that cold turkey is the best way, as it gets the nicotine out of your system sooner. It's just that I couldn't do it that way.

I know I will never smoke another cigarette though, and now I just have 4 or 5 lozenges or nicotine gum a day. I'll get there. The benefits are many, I too worried about my health, and I am breathing better, look better, my teeth are better and I am riding a bike again. Keep going, it gets good!


Welcome Carolrose. Good for you for deciding to quit and coming to the end of your first day. I'm starting week 8 of mine and have been helped along the way by Champix and the lovely people on this forum who I could not praise enough. Good luck with tomorrow and remember it's a lovely life without cigs.


Same age group as you Carolrose and probably all the same old excuses in my 35 years smoking history. Just take it a day at a time now - shorter if needs be.

I'm just going into my 3rd week and as much as the little demon whispers words of smoking bliss I'm determined to keep going. I know what you mean by the chest pain and I'm told mine will pass.

You're in the right place and I wish you all the very best.


good morning to you Carol rose and well done on your quit, look forward to seeing how you get on, there is lots of love and support on here, have a browse about, look at diferent forums, quit types ect, you will find lots of usefull information on here :-)

good luck

derek xx


Welcome and good luck with your quit. You will find lots of help and support (along with the occassional girl with a hammer and a crazy cat lady) on this forum. You will get lots of help here and a community where we all have a common goal.


Hi Carol :D

welcome to the forum and another one to join the ranks of us long term smokers how choice not to smoke anymore

just remember not to think too far ahead taking each crave in its stride as it comes along and distract your mind and hands till it passes and it will pass the further along your quit you go the weaker they will become

keeping a positive mind will work wonders and when your smoking head trys to tempt you with one wont hurt or one will help you need to remember that it lies as one will lead to another one and it wont help whatever stress your going through its not magic and cant change any situation apart from make you feel even more trapped and going round and round in a never ending circle of beating yourself up :(

just keep saying i am not going to smoke today

and slowly you will get more and more of the power back so your in control of your life not some white addictive harmful poisonous controlling stick

looking forward to reading your updates


from another Carol :D

aka the crazy cat lady :p hehe


Hi Carol, welcome to the site.

I smoked for nearly 25 years, and I'm heading happily towards my second anniversary, so it really is possible I promise you!!

Other Carol is right - no matter what happens all you have to do is keep telling yourself that you won't smoke today, no matter what. As the days tick by, that choice gets easier and easier to make.

Lots of great help on this forum - make the most of it!

Helen x


It make good reading,all these threads.

Halfway through day2 so its earlydays yet.Lightheadedness depression and evry reason under the sun that this is not a good time to give up.

But see everyone felt that way too.This is my millionth time quitting but I m really worried about my health at the moment so going to really stay strong this time.


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