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No Smoking Day
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Doing well on day 8

Hello all, here i am on my 2nd week feeling stronger and happier than ever. I wake up each morning and within 10 seconds I have a beaming smile on my face when I remember what I have achieved and that I genuinely dont want a ciggy. I think this is my favourite aspect of quitting. It feels like the true me has been released from a self imposed prison sentence and the happiness can not be contained at the freedom i now have.


I had painful teeth and gums and had few mouth ulcers. The teeth and gums are still a little tender but getting better each day. The ulcers are still there but healing and no new ones are appearing. Thats it for negative symptoms. On the positive side there are many - i can breathe so much better! I dont have any wheezing or whistling which I was starting to get, thats gone completely. And i feel so much more relaxed than before - this is the most surprising to me. It confirms to me that cigs DO NOT realx you! It is a myth that cigs help with stress and you need them at difficult times. It is the cigs causing it. I feel like i could take on any situation or pressure at work now. Easy. Allen Carr is so rigt on this point.

I have only been quit for 7 full days and i dont want to come across as though i have beaten this and its all too easy. I am aware of the mind games that could start at any point. I want to share as much as i can in the hope that my experience gives people who might be silently reading this without joining the forum to bite the bullet and have a go. Come on you voyeurs, dive in, You know it makes sense!

Have a great day everyone and keep smiling! :)

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hi magic i had the problem with the teeth too but must admit it seems to be all fixed now :D so happy for you well done stay strong and keep going :):)


Brilliant! I love reading your positive posts.

I must say the feeling relaxed thing surprised me too. ...amazing how this drug convinces us we cannot live without it, eh?

Onwards and upwards, magic.


Well done Magic :)

just keep reading and posting on here

it will help to keep you focused especially for those pesky thoughts of

one wont hurt


your sounding so positive which is the best way to feel when your dealing with anything that is going to change your life for the better :)

and saving you money in the process too ;) hope your saving the money so you can buy treats for yourself

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Did your previous routine involve smoking in the morning. If so how did you overcome that routine?

Hi Karri, i was one of those who got up, had a shower and then when downstairs had a cup of tea and a cig so i would smoke probably 45 minutes after getting up. I havent found the mornings too difficult because it was always the one that depressed me the most. I used to look at myself in the reflection of the glass whilst stood outside smoking away and hating what I saw. It was a slap in the face every morning for me.

I now am so pleased that i dont get that depressed and dissapointed feeling to start my day off.

not sure that helps much but thats how it is/was for me....


Hey Magic, your doing amazing, your sounding very positive and in the right mind :-) like you said be prepared for them random outbursts they can happen anytime as we discussed on my post earlier today. Its crazy how they appear, not everyone has them, my sis stopped 2 years ago and had nothing! hopefully this will be you too :-) my teeth are getting amazing, still staines on back but like 90% gone, gums whiter, i also had ulcers last week like you said they go and a small price to pay than putting a gun in outr mouths playing russion roulette.



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