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Have never felt so ill!

I quit smoking on 11th Sept 2012.First to kick in was dizziness and light headedness followed by cold shivers alternating with hot flashes(where Id sweat and pant) and also got stomach cramps and feelings of nausea.I felt so bad and weird I couldnt face going out or meeting/talking to people so locked myself away and slept and slept and slept and slept! Today is day 6. The cravings have gone from a gut wrenching,soul shattering urgency to a faint whisper that lasts about a second(about 10 times a day) but the weird thing is I have gone off of COFFEE.I have been a coffee freak for years drinking on average 8 mugs a day and now Ive got no interest in it at all.Is it anything to do with the INE? -Nicot INE Caffe INE ? Weird. Anyway the withdrawals have been so bad this time that its made me realise the true extent of the poisons in smoking and also Ive come so far through hell I really dont want to lapse as I dont think I could face going through it again. I smoked for 40years maybe thats why its hit me bad.Good Forum by the way.

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hi and welcome the first week is the hardest but the more you keep going the better you will feel all you am going through is well worth it stay strong and good luck you are doing fantastic use the forum it helps loads remember you are not alone we all in it together :):):)


Thank you Clare! Thanks for being there.Just to top it all off I have now got a raging toothache! Actually it has just strengthened my resolve believe it or not.Had a weird experience today.I went to town and found myself walking behind a woman who was smoking.I braced myself ready for the old familiar aroma.I smelt the smoke and was thinking that it smelt good when suddenly I felt nauseous! I dont know what that was all about but sure appreciated that response.Fingers crossed.


Hi and well done on quitting :)

it does get easier the further along the quit you go and going of coffee is one of the many effects that can happen as your taste buds change somethings will taste disgusting while other things will taste even better dont forget if your body is used to alot of caffine each day you are suffering withdrawels from that as well as the not smoking

i had to change my brand of coffee when i stopped as i couldnt drink my old brand anymore

just try and focus on one day at a time and keep mind and hands busy when your getting a crave

reading and posting on here will help with both and try and sip water to help hydrate your body




Hi and welcome to the forum

Im at the end of a 4 months quit and I was really bad for about 2 month of it. Iv hot a list of symptoms i had on here somewhere. All ur symptoms are normal and will go away although I'm still not feeling 100% I do feel better than I did a month ago. I think its just taking longer for the crap to get out of my system than others. We all diffent I suppost

I used to swim in coffee when I smoked I used to drink about 10 cups at work a day. I only have one in the morning now and 2 on the office anymore and feel sick. And I'm not much for the taste of it


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